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ONE-TIME Plege Donation for our new House of Worship






Ask & it shall be given

Seek & ye shall find


(Matt. 7:7)


“WE’RE MOVING” … Yep that’s right! We are being elevated & upgraded to our next House of Worship in Him. God has empowered us to make great strides in the 6 years we have been in ministry. Not only in just partnership growth, but He’s expanded our territory which has created a wave of spiritual impact around the Globe… & now it’s time to ‘re-pot the plant’ so that we can GROW & GO even further.


Our new ministry home sits in the heart of Redford, Michigan, a western suburb of Detroit which spans about 11+ square miles. A flourishing, diverse and thriving community which prides itself on being a safe place to live, things to-do and economic strength within the community.. Oh and might we add, that Redford is a part of Wayne County, where our Pastor J and Mother Irma Clark-Coleman serve as Chaplain and Commissioner respectively. 


The new facility entails a Larger Sanctuary to facilitate our 'In-House' growth attendance, a 93-Space fenced parking-lot for safe arrival, entry & exit of the building, a 2-car Garage unit for storage, the all-new Nursery and 2-level Playscape area as we introduce options for our younger partners & families with young children, a Virtual-Video Recording Studio for media production, a Production Recording Studio to enhance our musical productions, a Coffee-Shop & Café for food, fun and fellowship, a Baptismal pool, a large updated commercial Kitchen for serving our partners and the community, updated Sound, Lighting and Presentational systems, Offices & additional space for all leaders & departments, & a curb appeal that is sure to turn heads and spark interest.  The facility also sits in a beautiful neighborhood amidst a school, a park, well-maintained homes & other churches to balance the area and yet not too far from freeways, large streets w/ plenty of stores, well-lit gas-stations and restaurant options just around the corner. This will truly be a great transition experience for us all.


As we come down the final stretch in 'Possessing The Land', we must put ourselves in the position to go in and prepare the space for our ministry style & functionality and this is where YOU can play a major part.



We want to raise $150,000 in 50 days and guess what … WE ARE GOING TO DO IT!

The Living Waters Church family always shows up when there’s a need and here lies our moment to show that we are a Spirit-Lead group banded together to get the … RESULTS. The beauty of this initiative is that we are already 2/3 of the way there!


Initial Titanium Pledges:

Pastors J & Mel Moss $50,000

Mother (& Commissioner) Irma Clark-Coleman $50,000


Which only leaves the final $50,000 for the partners of LWC to bring the goal HOME. Sign-up today with your pledge to become a Charter Titanium ($5,000 or more), Platinum ($1,000 or more), Gold ($500 or more) or Silver ($250 or more) Partner in the KNOCK & GO GET IT initiative.


To sign-up, send a message to Pastor J here in Spaces to state your pledge level, and then let the ‘Giving’ begin. Donate by (Giving Page), PayPal or CashApp (search for LWCDetroit) and One-Time Charter Payment options will be added to the LWC Store on our Website & Spaces.  DON’T FORGET to put in the Note section 👉🏾 👉🏾 KNOCK & GO GET IT. Please Please Please keep all confirmations and receipts of your donations so that all contributions can be counted and allocated to the appropriate areas. 


Goal Due Date is August 13, 2023 during our Morning Worship Service.


We asked … We sought … & now it’s time to GO GET IT !!!!




Pastors J & Mel Moss

Charter Partnership Pledge