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Blessings Await • Positioned For Abundance

Phil 2 ==>> Christ emptied himself, humbling unto death even unto the cross

Matt 10 ==>> As you have received freely, FREELY GIVE!

I’m challenging All of the partners of LWC, for the entire month of March, to tithe into the ministry. A Tithe (the first tenth of your increase) or the first & best fruit is the key to your blessing. God doesn’t desire our leftovers so we must consider Him first in our increase for we know all things are of God.

Remember He sent unto us His first fruit (His begotten son Jesus) as a sacrifice of redemption, so it our reasonable service to submit unto Him our first fruit (and the best of it) -- WILLINGLY

Be thankful in all situation & try God. Prove Him, that He won’t give unto you a return unmeasurable by way of spiritually & financially.

When you do, make room. Blessings are coming to you and not just for YOUR house but for you to be a blessing to others. Position yourself to receive… TITHE!

Pastor J

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